GRIT Base Testing Challenge - RESULTS!

This past weekend BTST hosted their fall Base Testing Challenge. This was an opportunity for athletes in the program to test their overall strength, speed and athleticism, assessing both their strengths and weaknesses and setting some goals in how to grow into a better and more well-rounded athlete as they enter into this season of training and competition.

We followed up the event with some well-earned healthy snacks and an open discussion how to make the 1% gains in our daily habits and attitude in training.

Big shout out to some of our top performers and new BTST record holders. Some impressive results, but it’s just the beginning! Get to work folks – these records are meant to be broken!!!! Who’s next?

1 Mile Time Trial
Guys: Ethan 5min. 57sec.
Gals: Jayden 6min. 14sec.

Push-Ups (Max reps in 1 minute)
Guys: Dennis 79 reps
 Gals: Kelyn 65 reps

Pop Squats (Max reps in 1 minute)
Guys: Josh 64 reps
Gals: Wendy 70 reps

Burpees (Max reps in 3 minutes)
Guys: Ethan 63 reps
Gals: Jayden 55 reps

Speed Drills (Max takedowns in 1 minute)
Guys: Ethan 25 reps
Gals: Wendy 17 reps

Long Jump
Guys: Raheem 10ft 1in
Gals: Nyla 8ft 10in

Static Vertical Jump
Guys: Josh 70cm
Gals: Shantay 48cm