Olympic Gold Medallist Erica Wiebe Talks and Trains with BTST

As we wrap up another busy year, BTST would like to take you back to one of the year’s highlights when we welcomed Canada’s Olympic Champion from the 2016 Rio Olympics, Erica Wiebe. BTST was honored at the opportunity to host Erica in the midst of a busy post-olympic schedule, as she took time to come speak and spend some time on the mat with wrestlers from across the city. The event was inspiring for athletes, coaches and parents alike, as Erica shared her contagious passion for the sport, her journey as a student athlete and how she’s grown through the struggle, doubt, perseverance and the deep joy that arise in the honest and relentless pursuit of a dream. The event was capped off by a high energy wrestling practice led by Erica herself. Her positive energy and enthusiastic attitude had all the athletes eager to learn and embracing the opportunity to scrimmage and take on the Olympic champ herself! 

Thank you to West Humber C.I. for hosting the event! Check out pictures of the event below.