BTST recommends "Wrestling Changed My Life" podcast

"Wrestling Changed My Life explores inspirational journeys of wrestlers and how the sport changed their lives. By stitching together stories of sacrifice, triumph, defeat and perseverance, we take the listener deep inside the world’s oldest sport.”

Most wrestlers understand how the sport of wrestling can change their lives, and now there is a podcast sharing these inspirational stories. If you haven't already discovered it yourself, we highly recommend this podcast!

Wrestling Changed My Life is a podcast by Ryan Warner, a wrestling aficionado who discovered wrestling in kindergarten and spent his formative years wrestling alongside his brother, with the support of his parents.

While he wrestled during middle and high school, Ryan says:

Looking back now I realize that I was always more of a fan of the sport than a student, meaning that I could tell you the history of Iowa or John Smith in a moment’s notice and often times knew more about the history of the sport than our coaches did.

He started coaching after high school and believes:

This was one of the happiest and most rewarding periods of my time in wrestling.
Ryan Warner, host and producer of Wrestling Changed My Life podcast, with wrestling legend Dan Gable.

Ryan Warner, host and producer of Wrestling Changed My Life podcast, with wrestling legend Dan Gable.

After grad school, the wrestling had wound down and he moved to San Francisco and worked in tech, but that didn't dampen his passion for wrestling. He started a podcast with his friend Tom Alaimo called TR Talk that focused "on helping millennials in the job market by learning from our guests – successful business people, writers, and athletes".

He realized that he loved making podcasts and this was a turning point in his life. Originally from Illinois, he moved back to Chicago and decided to make a podcast on his true passion - wrestling:

Thus, the Wrestling Mind podcast was created. I did 8 or so interviews (Tom Ryan, Jake Herbert and Sergei Beloglazov to name a few) before changing the name to Wrestling Changed My Life. The reason being is that I wanted the name to convey the theme of the podcast, which to me is interviewing wrestlers to explore their journey through the sport and how wrestling shaped them into the person they are now. The focus wasn’t going to be about scores and highlights, plus I also wanted to talk about more than just wrestling. I wanted to talk about how our great sport impacted who they are as a person.

To date, Ryan has published 55 podcasts, speaking with legends like Dan Gable, the Belaglazov brothers and Dave Schultz, to name a few. You can view all episodes here.

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Thank you Ryan!