7 of Canada’s top wrestlers share their favourite moves!

Dejah here!

I hope everyone’s week is going well. This week I had the privilege of speaking with seven of Canada’s top wrestlers, four  females and three males. I asked them all the same question “what is your favourite wrestling move and why” they all had very diverse responses and interesting reasoning behind it. All seven of these athletes are looked highly upon and have such big accomplishments under their names. I don’t know about you but I find it fascinating to hear the explanation behind the one move that they favour.

Our 2016 OLYMPIC CHAMPION at the weight class 75 kg Erica Wiebe said

My favourite wrestling takedown is the arm spin! It’s something I never practice but when I was younger the proper footwork was drilled into me and I’ve never forgotten it. So in big matches, i always seem to have it in my back pocket. In my quarter final in Rio I was down 2-0 and threw this move to take the lead and eventually win :) it’s so fun to do”

Our very own Justina Di Stasio a 3X senior world team member and 2018 WORLD CHAMPION said

My favourite wrestling move is a double leg shot. I think it’s my favourite because it’s one of the first moves I learned and started scoring with more when I was a kid. It’s still my favourite now because everyone knows I like to shoot it, so it’s fun to play with different ways of getting there.”

Our 2016 Olympian at the weight class of 63 kg and 2018 world silver medalist Danielle Lagppage said

Single leg for sure. It was the first leg attack I was taught and has consistently been one of my top scoring moves since I started wrestling. It has always come back to me after all my injuries and makes me feel comfortable, quick and strong!”

Our 11x national champion Braxton Papadopoulos said

One of my favorite wrestling moves would have to be a sweep single. The Sweep single is a move i have loved since i first started wrestling. Its a quick move and if done properly has a low risk of being defended. Another reason i like the sweep single is because there are many different set ups for it like a snap down, a misdirection shot, a two on one, bicep control.. you can do this move from just about anywhere. It is also the perfect move that allows for a quick finish. Again, if done properly you should be able to go from the sweep right into the cross ankles that can ultimately end the match in your favor. I consider it to be a very smart wrestling move and what’s better to wrestle hard or wrestle smart? That is why a sweep single is one of my favorite wrestling moves.”

Our 5x senior national champion Jevon Balfour who will also be representing Canada at 74kg at the pan am championships in Lima Peru this august said

Snap-downs and Shuk-bys, would have to be my favourite moves. Especially when you get the timing down it feels almost effortless manipulating your opponents momentum against them. Plus, it also gets your opponent out of their stance so you could set up your attacks and re-attacks.”

Our 2016 Olympian at the weight class 125 kg Korey Jarvis who will also be attending the Pan Am games this August said

The underhook, This would be my favorite move/Position in wrestling. I have done both FS & GR in the past, the underhook has worked great in both. For me this position gives me a lot of control and options on what I can attack. When I have an underhook I’m always trying to score, but my Opponents can defend many ways. Over the years I have learnt ways to score off a lot of defences from the under hook. So this is why it’s my favorite.”

Our olympic weight class 65kg Canadian representative Dillon Williams said

My favourite wrestling move would have to be the double leg because it has a high percentage of being able to score off of. It also can be a high scoring move gaining you anywhere from 2-5 points. I have three different set ups that all tie in to each other that allow me to make a systematic approach to all of my double leg attacks. Another reason I love the double leg would have to be the fact that this attack can be done from a distance or tied up with your opponent, this allows me to stay deceptive and keep my opponents on their toes.”