Tournament Day Regime


My tournament day regiment is not normal, in fact it is not usual at all. If I was a stranger to wrestling, I would say, “Who is this weird guy?”. I don’t follow the typical method of how people are supposed to warm up for a match. I don’t go in my corner and put on music and get in my zone. My zone is in my HAPPY place. I like to be happy and excited to wrestle a match. I can’t be angry. I can’t be alone. I can’t be okay in my own zone.


I have to go around and talk because collaboration makes me smile, and when I smile, that’s when I dominate. But most importantly, it keeps me in the sport of wrestling for a longer while. For instance, imagine I wrestle a tournament every week, and 3 matches every tournament. And that before every one of my matches, I beat myself up mentally like, “C’mon I gotta do this!”. And while getting into my zone, don’t talk to anyone and remain all mad and angry. All the while visualizing, warming up and running around like crazy. Every time I do that, it hurts my brain a little bit, I can’t even imagine myself doing it for one match. If I wanted to be in the sport for 20 years, I better have fun! So I mess round in tournaments. I enjoy myself, instead of beating myself up after a match. I know it may seem weird, but that’s the truth about how I warm up! If you ever see me in tournaments, you will notice I’m very talkative and enjoy myself. That is all part of how I warm up because that is how I like to live life.

Many thanks,

Ismail Ayyoub