The Ultimate Ab Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Dejah here!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have a special guest joining me…my superstar of a sister Mercedes Slater. We are going to be putting you guys through an Ab/core workout, you can do this workout just about anywhere from at home to at the gym. Having core strength is super important, especially as an athlete, it can help protect your inner organs, provent injuries and help with posture. Try fitting a core workout in 2-3 times a week and you will notice a positive difference in your physical activity ability.

The workout 

With this work out you will go through all 6 exercises, have a 1 minute rest and repeat that 3 times total.

30 second hollow hold

10 hollow rocks

10 v-ups

10 full body crunches 

10 sit ups 

90 second plank hold ( 30 seconds front plank, 30 seconds left side plank and 30 seconds right side plank)


With 1 min rest in between! 

Enjoy :)