Have Fun With It

Wrestling is a sport, obviously, and it requires a lot of hard work and focus to be successful. However it needs to be fun. Whatever that looks like for you, but finding fun in your wrestling training is so crucial. 

It could be goofing off with your partner during your off time, going out post-practice or tournament for food with the team, or enjoying a sauna session with your teammates after a workout but the important thing is to have that connection between fun and training. Even if the connection is indirect. 

When experiencing an aspect of enjoyment, an athlete is more willing to push themselves even more than usual, stay focused and a general desire to train is stirred up within the athlete. So go ahead! Take the pressure off of yourself and let loose. It will actually help you become a better athlete. 

Apart from the training room, having fun at tournaments is so important for peak performance. You will wrestle your best when you are feeling your best and feeling confident, and you feel that way when you are enjoying yourself. Confidence is provoked by having fun and enhances your performance.

If you are having fun at a tournament, you are in the moment and are detaching yourself from the results of your matches, allowing you to wrestle freely and to the best of your ability. 


I don’t want to look back at a wrestling career and be very successful but I didn’t enjoy myself. No matter how many titles that are racked up, I still believe that without having fun along the way it would be empty. 

The best tournaments are not the best tournaments because you won. They are the best because of the experiences, the people, and the fun. 

So stay focused and work hard but make a point of having a blast too!