Setting Goals

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Being able to set goals for yourself is great and tough at the same time. People commonly like to set goals for everything, things like sports, education, and in the workplace. A lot of times individuals will set goals but not necessarily follow through with these goals. This happens most of the time because they are not following this very effective method. This very effective method is known as “SMART”. Since I was in grade 5, “SMART” goals have been apart of me. I have just finished highschool and to this day I continue to use this method to benefit myself. 

Now let's get into what SMART GOALS are all about!


S - Specific 

  • The goal you choose to follow through with must be well defined and clear

  • Goals that are vague will not be as effective 

M - Measurable 

  • Is your goal Measurable?

  • Having the ability to track your progress

  • Including dates, when you plan on reaching certain points of your goal

A - Attainable

  • Is you goal Attainable?

  • The goal you are setting must be a goal you believe you will achieve

  • It has to be a goal that you are ready to commit to

  • It’s better to set more realistic and challenging goals rather than easy and simple goals

R -  Relevant

  • Is your goal Relevant?

  • Your goal must be somewhat relevant to you or else it just won't work

  • Plan to achieve a goal that has meaning to you and your future

  • Why do you want to reach this goal? 

  • What is the objective behind the goal?

  • Will this goal really achieve that objective? 

T - Timely

  • When are you going to accomplish your goal?

  • Goals must have a deadline

  • Deadlines are what push people to act 

A couple of things that need to be mentioned before the goal setting begin;

  1. Setting effective goals do take time, commitment, and effort

  2. In order to follow through with these goals, realize that there is a process one must commit to

  3. Reaching goals aren't completely easy and they do take time

This method is known and commonly used by many people for many different things. It is such and effective way to set goals and I completely recommend it!

Kesia Lozada