Medcan Powerproject: My Experience


What is Medcan?

The Medcan Powerproject is an athletic mentor ship program that helps young athletes across Toronto get specialized training they may not receive in their area.

The Team

My Experience

To put it  short, it’s incredible, it helped me get rid of my dependence on my asthma inhalers and made me a stronger athlete. And when I say “stronger athlete”, I don’t just mean physically stronger,  mentally too. The powerproject is not all about physical training, often they will bring in mental health trainers to help prepare you for future challenges. Now so far, it sounds like your average gym session but glorified. That was my first impression too, but they’ll pull the rug out from under. Never learned the clean and jerk? They got you. Don’t know how to row? They got you. Hungry? They got you. 

What You Do There

Going to Westview, our physical education was going to the gym and doing whatever you want. Occasionally the teacher would correct our form but we never done anything special. Just bicep curls, triceps extensions and such. It’s way different here at Medcan, to be honest, they introduced me to some next level stuff. For strength training, I’m talking Olympic lifts like cleans, jerks and snatches. For conditioning, prowler push, dropping heavy ass balls and the good ol’ agility ladder.

Every week at Medcan was typically split into two sessions, one day for conditioning


and one day for strength training.


You usually start with a ten minute warmup that they teach on the first day that covers every part of the body. Afterwards you hit the main course, which is either conditioning or strength training. Then after an hour of hard grinding, you head to the lounge to grab some food and talk about mental toughness.

Overall, would come again and again.

Left to right. Kerri lynch, David Luu, Olympian Adam Kreek, Laura Rodges

Left to right. Kerri lynch, David Luu, Olympian Adam Kreek, Laura Rodges

Special thanks to Rob, Brent and Kevin

Interested in coming to Medcan? Message their Instagram.