The Warm-up


If you purposely go late to practice to miss the warm-up, you're asking to get injured. Most people don’t like being late to practice, like me. I hate when I'm late to practice and miss half, or all of the warm-up cuz then I have to warm-up alone. Sometimes you plan your day out and you know you will be just on time for practice but random and unexpected things pop up every single day which may cause you to be late and so you accidentally missed the warm-up. 

We see this situation happen all the time whether it happens to you or your teammate. You quietly try to sneak your way into the mat without warming up. No one says anything to you because it’s not their concern but it should be your concern to get your body warm before joining the practice. Like I said before the reason I don't like being late and missing the warm-up is because then I have to warm-up alone and around everyone on the mat. Before I would just join my teammates in practice without warming-up but then I realized that your body needs to be warm before doing any type of workout. 

Yes, I know an actual wrestling warm-up is usually 20-25 minutes long so you can’t really waste that much time but a 5-10 minute warm-up is better than nothing. When your muscles are cold there's a higher risk of pulling a muscle or spraining a joint. This may not be the case every time you miss the warm-up but you are vulnerable to these and many other injuries. 

Here’s a quick warm-up you can do next time you're late to practice

  • Do 2-3 laps around the mat

  • Do 3-5 explosive movements

    • High knees 

    • Butt kicks 

    • Sprints 

    • Jumping jacks 

    • Frog jumps 

  • Stretches 

    • Slow shots 

    • Lunges 

    • Karaoke 

    • Side lunges 

  • Joint warm -up

    slowly rotate the ….

    • Neck

    • Shoulders 

    • Wrist 

    • Hips 

    • Etc…..

And now you can join your team for practice.