My Ultimate Wrestling Playlist

Simi Here,


It’s a powerful force. It can ease the mind or get our blood pumping hard. It makes sense then that music can be the extra motivation we need on the wrestling mat. I have long been a fan of music and so my taste has varied over the years. Ultimately, all I need from a song is the right vibe and I’d like to share those vibes with you all.

Enjoy the tunes,

Miss Shiney - Kaiit

This.Song. Since I first heard it, it has been somewhat of an anthem to me. The instrumentals invite you to gently dance along and the lyrics encourage you through trying times. It is a great song and message.

I Ain’t Done - Andy Mineo

A fiery proclamation of the songs title. You are not done - as long as there’s breath in your lungs. This is a song to PUMP YOU UP.

Dean Town - Vulfpeck

This funky instrumental definitely offers a change of pace and that pace is pure funk. I imagine this song fitting in while practicing some technique or for a mood lifting warm up.

God’s Pace Through the Mystic- The Way

This song is different in style and message and undeniably gets my toes tapping. The movement it encourages makes it a sure add to a workout playlist.


Diamonds - CJ Fly

I think this song fits best during a cool down or just in any time you need your spirits lifted. Wrestling is hard but remember that you are tougher - you’re a diamond.