Wrestling Tournament Must-Haves

Wrestling tournaments are such fun and memorable experiences, but if you are new to the sport it can be very nerve wracking. Not only to be doing something new in a different environment but also not knowing what to expect or bring to feel ready to take on the competition. 


Westling Tournament Checklist:

  • A singlet 

  • Wrestling boots  

  • Warm up gear (hoodie, sweats, track suit etc.)

  • Funky socks (Have fun with it!)

  • A change of clothes (After wearing what you wore all day, you will want a fresh set of clothes)

  • Shower stuff (Towel, Shampoo, Shower gel, etc. Some venues have showers and it is the BEST feature to utilize)

  • Water bottle and an extra one just in case  (Stay hydrated peeps!)

  • FOOD! (Fruit, granola bars, a sandwich, etc. Food that will give you energy and help your muscles recover. Don’t try any new foods on the day of a tournament, stick to what you know makes you feel your best)

  • Knee pads and/or headgear (optional though recommended)

  • A bomb playlist ! (Music that will pump you up and make you feel hype)

  • Something to listen to music with (earbuds, airpods, headphones) 

  • Hair ties (enough for the WHOLE team)

  • Blanket and a small pillow (Sometimes there are long lulls before your next match and getting cozied up and sneaking in a quick nap feels amazing! You can thank me later!)

  • Slides 

  • Deodorant (Do us ALL a favour!)

The most important thing to remember is that when you are getting ready for a tournament, to make sure that you feel prepared, ready for the day and anything that it may throw at you. Everything that you are bringing should make you feel your best, do your best, and be your best.

Good Luck at that Tournament and have fun!