My First Beat The Streets Practice

btst prac.jpg

I had just recently started wrestling with my school team and I thought I was pretty good and wanted more. I knew that the advanced kids had double practices on Mondays and Tuesdays, I really wanted to try them out because I thought I was ready. But I didn’t want to go unless I got invited by the coach. One Monday our practice had to be rescheduled to Tuesday because there was a game going on in the gym, or something like that. 

Beach Training 2018

On Tuesday after our school practice was done we put the mats away. I heard the advanced kids and the coach talking about the extra practice and I just stood there, praying he would ask me to stay. Coach Sanchez noticed because he did ask me to stay and try it out, and so I did. 

I remember thinking, “how hard could this practice actually be.” I went in and met the coach, Coach Neal. Well honestly I didn't really formally introduced myself, I met him on the mat. He sat everyone down before the practice and he said: “My head really hurts, I had a bad day at work, so please don’t make me take it out on you guys.” I was all ready to go home. He went really fast on technique, he was teaching things I didn't know and I was just confused. There were a lot of little chatters going on and that really ticked off coach Neal so he made everyone do sprints. 

I was really intimidated and I thought all the Beat the Streets practices were going to be like that, but it turned out to be just that day. That day I learned that BTST practices were about getting the job done, working hard, and wrestling with high intensity. I kept going back, as the practices went on I also learned that we can have fun at practice while still getting the work done with high intensity.  

I think that on that Tuesday I felt intimidated because I was new and I wanted to impress everyone so I put pressure on myself. Not all BTST practices are like that, they’re usually fun and intense but that's what it’s all about, you just have to have fun with it. Be sure to try a practice out with Beat The Streets Toronto, I believe you will feel very welcomed and you will enjoy yourself.