Look Who's Back

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Hey everyone, my name is Arely Torales and I have been a part of Beat The Streets Toronto (BTST) wrestling for 2 years now. I am delighted to come back and work with BTST once again. 

I had the great opportunity to work for BTST and it was a blast. Our team last year was really small but we managed to make it work and get the job done. This year I am thrilled to have this opportunity again and to work with the group we have on board. These opportunities wouldn’t have been possible without Canada summer jobs.

Thank you Canada summer jobs and Beat The Streets Toronto for this great opportunity and for the upcoming experiences. I know I will learn a lot from this and have fun with it because of the great team I get to work with.   

BTST has opened many doors for me and this job is just another one. BTST jobs have helped me develop great skills like promoting, writing, engagement in group discussions, and many more. 

Arely Torales