New Guy on the Block

Hey, David here from Beat the Streets

Firstly, I'd like to thank Canada Summer Jobs and Coach Neal for giving me this opportunity.

Coach Neal recently brought me on the team as part of the new wave of bloggers that'll be joining Dejah and Simi.

About me

Let's be honest, I wouldn’t really want to read someone’s weekly blog if I didn’t know their traits and story. It’s like reading a book without knowing the author. Let me introduce myself. I’m David Luu, a 17-year-old asthmatic senior currently attending Westview Centennial who just picked up the sport a couple of months ago in the off-season. I got my first taste of competing when I was baited into a school duel with the hopes of fighting other rookies. Instead, I was quickly slapped down by this year’s ninja band wearing regional champion. 


"You got eat, sleep and sh*t wrestling"- Coach Popal.

.Those were the words my coach used to describe wrestlers at the top level, people like Jordan Burroughs and Austin Desanto. And I finally knew what he meant when the regional champion hit me with the life flashing double. I was only practicing wrestling as a recreational sport and I wasn’t working hard enough on a competitive scale. At that point, I was only attending school practice twice a week for an hour. I knew that I wasn’t working hard enough. My daily schedule mainly consisted of games, eat, sleep and occasional wrestling, not the lifestyle if your eyes are set on the podium.  Things took a radical turn though as I met Coach Sanchez and Coach Neal through their weekly practices. The transition from playing video games to doing a whole thirty-minute warm-up where sweat was leaking into your eyelids, was tough. But, if I was going to make it up to the podium, that meant making some sacrifices, like getting tossed around like a beanbag for two hours, six days a week. It was from the Beat the Street practices that I was invited to Coach Sanchez’s Team Xtreme where I am now preparing for the journey to the podium.

Don’t want to drag this on and on and make you feel like you’re reading a history book so I’ll be ending it for today. No worries! If you’ve had a little fun in reading into my character, it won’t end here. I’ll be posting weekly from here on out. See ya next week.