Gotham City 2016!

Dejah here!

I’m going to bring it all the way back to 2016, the first time Beat The Street went to Gotham City. To my luck I was apart of that amazing trip and it will always be a fond memory of mine!

Gotham city is an annual girls tournament that is held in New York City. It all started with a road trip… I LOVE road trips, on the way to New York City we stop at niagara falls for a couple hours, took some pictures and met up with the rest of the team that was coming. After that we proceeded on route to NYC. The tournament was two days, the first day was for the juniors and the second day was for the Cadets. With that being said I competed on the first day. I'm going to be completely honest, not every tournament I wrestle I have fun but this one I had a ball. I had nothing to lose so I just went out there and had a blast. I won my first 3 matches which left me with one more and that was the finals. For the finals I had Italy, it was a tough match and I ended up falling short and losing. There was a camp after the tournament so I wasn't upset with the lost because I knew what I had to work on and I would be able to work on it with my opponent from Italy there at the camp.


After the competition as a team we went to a baseball game. I can’t stand baseball but being there with the team made it so much fun, we danced to the YMCA and enjoyed the game together. Once the game was done we got to go to Time Square and wonder around. This was my first time in Time Square, seeing all the lights and all the people was so exciting for me, I loved it.


This was one of the first international camps that I went to and it was amazing! There was one practice where Italy showed a technique, Canada showed a technique and then the Americans showed a technique. It was nice being able to get technique from all over. At the camp, I got to work with my Italian opponent that I had in the finals. When the camp came to an end we exchanged contact information and became friends. To this day we still talk and every time I go to Italy I visit her.

And that wraps up the trip!