Everyone is Beatable

No matter how big an opponent looks, or how strong they are, or even how much experience they have, you must believe that everyone is beatable because it’s true. Sometimes we tend to beat ourselves up before our opponents can. How, you ask? Mentally. When you start doubting yourself, not only are you wrestling against your opponent but yourself too.

I personally use to psych myself out when I knew my opponent had been wrestling longer than me. Later on, I learned that everyone is beatable, you just have to believe in yourself, your coaches and be patient. Sure being in the game for longer does give you more experience but that doesnt me others can't catch up to where you are. 

I bet there’s tons of examples we can use, but today I will only be sharing one of my favorites. Saori Yoshida is a former Japanese Freestyle Wrestler. She won three Olympic Games, four Asian Games and 13 World Championships starting in 1998. Helen Maroulis wrestled her at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and beat her. Here's a clip of Helen speaking about how she prepared for Saori Yoshida.  

(you can watch the whole video or fast forward to 11:50.)

I love how helen thinks that no one is unbeatable, because it’s true. Helen went into that match prepared, mentally and physically. Next time you're going up against a good wrestler just remember everyone is beatable. You have been training and if you lose, you did your best and you learned something from that match.