A Newbie's Perspective: Team Xtreme Wrestling

It’s only been around five months here at Team Xtreme Wrestling but I can definitively say that I’m going to stick around for the next couple of years. Now I’ve only been to Team Xtreme and can’t say it’s the best club around Toronto, what I say is only my experience compared to school wrestling.

These two guys are like Stringer Bell and Avon, the brains behind the whole operation and the face of the program.

Coach Carlos (left), Coach Sanchez (right)

Coach Carlos (left), Coach Sanchez (right)

You have Coach Carlos showing you s**t from his decades of experience travelling the world and Coach Sanchez, the translator and funny guy of the group. Together they create this unique atmosphere where Coach Carlos gives the more serious tone to the program and Sanchez giving more of a light and fun mood. Most of the time you would find Coach Sanchez cracking jokes and having a laugh with Coach Carlos. But when it comes time to wrestle and drill, the only rule they enforce is no talking.

Of course the program would be nowhere without it’s students, everyone there has the goal of making it to the podium but everyone is sociable. Everyone sort of has this “have fun with it” mentality instead of the “shut the fuck up and wrestle” attitude.

If you’re new to the sport, don’t worry, these guys won’t just throw you into the fire and expect you to do suplexes. The wrestlers there will wrestle you based on your skill level not theirs.

And that’s not to say that this place is just for entry level wrestlers, the team has produced OFSAA level wrestlers like Chad Raye and Brea Rogers. You’ll have a wide selection of weight categories you can wrestle from, 50-100kg.

If you’re interested in coming out to one of our practices, here’s our schedule.

Weekly Practices@Xtreme Couture:




Sundays(Kids Only):10:30AM-12:30PM

Contact Team Xtreme's instagram for more info