Later boys, my last day at Beat the Streets

beat the streets.png

It's been fun and relaxed working at Beat the Streets, it's pretty rare for a high schooler to be able to land a gig that connects hobby to job. And I have to thank Coach Neal and Coach Sanchez for giving me this opportunity.

Now I'm usually a private guy and prior to working at Beat the Streets never posted anything about my personal life on social media. So the initial blogs about my thoughts and experiences were a bit difficult. But through my seven weeks here I learned posting your opinion public instead of keeping it to yourself, helps. It just gives you that feeling of getting stuff off your chest.

That isn't all though, writing public blogs also develops a sort of immunity to the feeling of people constantly judging you. My thought process for my first few blogs were basically "Let's hope they don't take this blog too bad." But eventually it developed into "Screw it, if they like it, they like it."

There's only one thing that could've made this job better, and that's the team comradery. What I mean is that during my seven weeks here, it felt more like a solo job. Although I was part of the new batch of bloggers and in total there were five of us. Most of time we tended to our own lives and only did the required job. But I mostly have myself to blame for that as I didn't take any initiatives to have real life meets or events. And that's another thing I learned working at Beat the Streets and will take with me into my next job. Maybe after my first year of competing, I’ll come back with crazy stories to tell.

This experience couldn't have been possible without the help of Coach Neal, Coach Sanchez, Dejah, Simi, Brea, Arely and Jessica, thanks.