A Farewell to Something Awesome

Hey it’s Simi,

It is truly amazing to me that I have had the opportunity to work with Beat the Streets for these past four months. In some ways, the summer has seemed long, but in other ways, I closed my eyes for a moment and it was over.

I am so humbled to have gotten the chance to share my writing and ideas on a platform such as this. I have gotten the chance to do something I was always needing a push to do and it’s truly a blessing that it came with a salary.


Working with Beat the Streets has taught me many things. I was given an arena to be creative and produce content learning that sometimes you just need to start. I have been able to gain confidence in interacting with website software to the extent that I have plans for creating my own website. Moreover, I was able to witness firsthand the impact that can be made through the use of social media and learned techniques for results. Working with Beat the Streets also allowed me to see the inner workings of a non-profit. Through that, I have gained an appreciation for the go-getter attitude needed to move forward. Lastly, I got to work with a team of wonderful people to do many things not the least of which being plan an innovative beach wrestling event.

Overall, this has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have been seen fit for the opportunity.

Many thanks again to Beat the Streets and Canada Summer Jobs for this great summer job experience.


SIMI Jayeoba