Q&A: Ask a Wrestler

Simi Here!

Questions. You had them. I answered them. Many thanks to those who provided questions and if you didn’t get a chance, never fear to just ask me anyway!


What do you love most about wrestling?

Currently what I appreciate most about wrestling is that it gives me an opportunity to show myself who I am. In honesty, there have been so many days that I don’t feel great about my efforts as an athlete and person. But what I can never take away from myself is the resilience I have shown over the years that I kept doing this sport. As low as I might feel from time to time, the fact that I have gotten up and shown up HUNDREDS of times will never change. Wrestling has allowed my actions to speak louder than any doubtful thoughts. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

Have you ever broken any bones?

I broke my ankle. If you would like some tea concerning that, check out this article.

How did you get into wrestling?

I got into wrestling in high school because I found an allure to the complete bodily engagement it requires. I had previously never participated in a sport and so I guess I was eager to really use my body. 

Which aspect of wrestling do you think is the most challenging? The physical or mental?

I have found the mental part of wrestling to be the most challenging. I think in any arena in life, our mentality and will affect us to the highest degree. And I believe this becomes more true as the difficulty of what you’re doing increases. So yes, wrestling is a tough sport and it takes a tough mind. 

do you feel that women are viewed differently in the sport of wrestling than men?

I personally have not experienced a lot of negativity in wrestling concerning the fact that I am a woman. The coaches I have been fortunate to come in contact with have by and large offered me with the same opportunities as my male counterparts. It is a reality that wrestling is a male dominant sport and some structures in women’s wrestling still trail behind, but I don’t think much gets in the way of a hard-working woman in this sport.

How much of your time do you dedicate to wrestling?

Since high school I have typically been to a wrestling practice more days a week than not. The average is six days a week of mat training and in addition to that, several work out sessions. During this past off-season, I was on the mat four times a week and weight training three. So a lot of my time. Of course some days are harder than others but it is surprisingly easy to get used to the routine.

How hard is it to balance wrestling with other things in life like school and work?

I have found that things become easier to do when you have to do them. When there is less room in your life to waste time, you waste less time. In truth, there are times during the school year where I have extra time and fall off the ball. Those are the moments I realize I am grateful for the grind and pressure that comes with having responsibilities.  

In short, I think balance is necessary and doable. Nick Cipriano, a previous coach of mine, used to remind our team to make sure that we gave appropriate attention to 3 areas in our lives; wrestling, school, and relationships.

Is there an ideal skill to strength training ratio?

I am not certain about a specific ratio but it is important to understand that being physically fit and strong creates a base for all the work that you do on the mat. Strength training should be seen as a basic element of being a wrestler but I do think that is something many of us don’t realize initially and sometimes even later in our wrestling journeys.

Thanks for reading, take care.