It's National Coaches Week!

That's right, it's National coaches week and from 21 - 29 September, we get to celebrate those who mean so much to us, who keep us on our toes, and make us work hard for everything we want! We celebrate those who challenge us to be a better version of ourselves.

"A good coach can change a game.
A great coach can change a life.”

John Wooden

Beat the Streets Toronto is honoured to have so many great coaches working with them (this is not written by one of them ;) and although we would like to celebrate all of them for the amazing work they do with us and with the students, today, we highlight Coach Neal & Coach Bernard.

Below are some thoughts, quotes and images from students about their experiences with BTST coaches.


Coach NEAL Ewers


Coach Neal has always got me thinking. Giving me things to evaluate and think about how I wrestle, how I train, how I am off of the mat, etc. At the beginning of some practices, right before we warm-up, sometimes he talks with us. He’ll go over our previous performance at tournaments and what we did well and what we need to work on or helps us set goals for the practice, but whatever it may be, whenever we start warming up, I always find myself thinking about what he said and how I can apply it to my current situation.  His words are impactful and have definitely positively influenced me as a wrestler. 

Time to put in the work
— Neal Ewers


I never fully trained with Coach Neal, only during the offseason once a week through Beat the Streets. But from that short time I can tell you that I wouldn't mind training under him. Dude taught me the O.G double leg. Plus from my seven weeks working under him had been nothing but a pleasure. He'll push not because he likes bossing people around but because he knows we could do better 

Roll with the punches
— Neal Ewers
Neal 2.png


Coach Neal is one of the very first coaches that I had and he has been a strong influence for me as a wrestler. Despite how much of a beginner I was, coach Neal saw something in me and helped me gain a relentless confidence in my potential regardless of how many times I might fail. And for that I am very grateful. Coach Neal is someone that constantly challenges those around him but in doing so, he forces you to get tougher and to not remain too comfortable. The first time I met coach Neal, he came up to me randomly at my first OFSAA to tell me he was a fan of my double before I’d even heard of Beat the Streets. I mention that because it models his active and willing attitude to share what he can to help any athlete willing to put in work. In short, I’m thankful to know coach Neal and all the many involved with BTS. 

Coach Bernard Sanchez



Coach Sanchez gives his 110%in the sport of wrestling. He invests time into developing his athletes, his program, and the sport. He has cheered me up many times after losing a hard match and the last thing that I want to do is smile, let alone laugh. He has helped me mentally get through the emotional time that is weight cutting. He showed me that wrestling is fun and although it is tough and hard work, you can still have a great time doing it. He is constantly reminding me to not take things too seriously and that it’s only stupid until you do it.

But did you have fun
— Bernard Sanchez



Coach Sanchez is someone that goes to great lengths for his athletes. He is a man with a big heart that is willing to selflessly do what he can to support the growth of those around him. Whether it’s a ride to practice, a meal afterward, or an attitude that can make you laugh in hard times, Sanchez offers what he can of himself to make our experiences brighter. Personally, Sanchez has helped me bring out the best of myself in times where I was too inside my head. I am grateful to have had him play such a role in my journey through wrestling and life.


Seven months ago I joined the sport of wrestling with a friend of mine. Although we both started at the same time it felt like my original coach sidetracked me. Practices would only exist because of my friend and when he quit the sport the school’s team was basically scrapped. Wrestling felt pretty hopeless for me after that because at that point it felt like my parents didn’t believe in me, my coach didn’t believe in me. But then Coach Sanchez invited me out to Team Xtreme, and my life has taken a complete turn, I’m fit, have a job and my grades shot up. I owe a lot to Sanchez and hope to repay him in medals.