Summer 2019 is going to be the best one yet

Dejah here!

I would like to start of my first post by saying thank you Canada summer jobs for this amazing opportunity. This summer is looking very exciting for me and I am thrilled to work alongside Beat The Streets Toronto in hopes of spreading what they’re all about.


I am really looking forward to learning the different strategies and tactics that come with this job position, from writing blogs like this to creating posts on instagram. With this day and age I find that everything happens online in terms of advertisements and promoting brands, being able to have this opportunity to better my knowledge on all this is extremely beneficial to me and my future.

This summer there is going to be a variety of blogs that I will be posting, from little cooking tutorials for those who are looking for healthy meal ideas to relatable wrestling stories. There will be a little something for everyone. I couldn’t be more excited!

A Summer Job to Remember

Hello world!

This introductory blog post officially kicks off my summer experience working with Beat the Streets Toronto and coming to understand the ins and outs of a non-profit organization.


First and foremost, I would like to thank Canada Summer Jobs for allowing me to gain such an experience. Through their support, I am able to not only work alongside great people towards a great cause, I also get to overcome some of the financial strains of being a university student. I first became involved with Beat the Streets Toronto as a curious 10th grader looking to get as good as possible at wrestling. Their community practices became regular for me over the next three years before I began attending McMaster University and now I again get the chance to be involved with them.

There are a great number of things that I am anticipating to gain from my work with Beat the Streets Toronto. I am certainly looking forward to being able to learn just what it takes to run a non-profit organization. For instance, I’m eager to understand what goes into the process of researching and applying for grants. In addition to this, I’m really looking forward to being able to creatively share lessons I have learned as a young wrestler. There are so many important ways that wrestling has helped me grow and expand my understanding of things and this summer gives me a chance to share those lessons through blogs post such as this one. Moreover, to be able to have a tangible role in helping BTST get more of the attention it deserves through their social medias is another exciting task to look forward to.

“I am confident that this job experience will leave me with knowledge and memories I will carry with me beyond this summer.”

I have big plans for my future as an engineer and gaining an understanding of how to run an organization will be a great skill to have in my toolkit. Learning how to increase my productivity and deliver content efficiently will help me presently as a student in university. Also, practicing how to express myself through venues such as social media and blogs in a way that is of value to others is a powerful asset to carry with me.

Overall, I am very hopeful to what the rest of my summer working experience with Beat the Streets Toronto has in store for me and am sure this will be a summer to remember. Wishing you the best of summer and make sure to check back with me soon!

All the best,

Simi Jayeoba

Welcome Dejah & Simi to the Beat the Streets Toronto Team!

This year Beat the Streets Toronto received the Canada Summer Jobs Grant for 6 staff. 

We are pleased to introduce the first two of our six summer staff: Simi Jayeoba and Dejah Slater

Back in 2016 I met these two amazing young women, they were both very green to the sport of wrestling, brimming with enthusiasm and full of potential. Little did I know that they would embark on such awesome high school careers. Dejah would become a multiple time national champion and multiple-time OFSSA champion while Simi would excel in her academics averaging mid-to-high 90s throughout academic career and achieving academic scholarship standards and gaining acceptance to the McMaster University Science Department. 

These two ladies are great role models to our current Beat the Streets Toronto student-athletes. They embody the ideals that we share with our student athletes. Ideals like working hard, having a strong mindset, perseverance and dedication to your sport and education, a deep focus in working through your tasks and achieving your goals. 

It is our pleasure to have them return and work with us this summer through the Canada summer jobs grant program. we are very excited about the work they're going to be doing and how it's going to impact Beat the Streets Toronto in a positive way moving forward. We are very confident that they will put all that they've learned over the years into their efforts this summer and we're excited to see the results. 

Welcome back Dejah and Simi!


Is Weight Training Safe for Children?

The short answer is Yes.  The long answer below, a piece written by National and Olympic Track & Field Coach, George Van Zyel:

Drs. Holly Benjamin and Kimberley Glow wrote an article Strength Training for Children and Adolescents: What can physicians recommend? published in The Physician and Sports Medicine Vol.31-No.9 September 2003. It provides an honest appraisal of the value of strength training for young athletes and the risks associated with various forms of strength training.

Their conclusion was that the "current published literature demonstrates that the benefits of strength training far outweigh the potential risks." Interestingly, they found that the safest type of strength training involved Olympic Lifting because of the heavy emphasis on proper technique.
As long as the strength training programme is supervised, the answer is a resounding "YES IT IS SAFE" from the following organizations:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

  • American College of Sports Medicine

  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

  • British Association of Sports & Exercise Science

  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association

This is a view of the safety of weight training and particularly weightlifting that is supported by empirical evidence. Brian Hamill conducted a survey involving a number of British schools and published the results in the article Relative Safety of weightlifting and weight training that appeared in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 1994;8(1);53-57. The results appear below:

You can read the full article here.

Strength is the Foundation,

First Session at LPS Athletic Centre

We just had our first session at the LPS Athletic Centre. Unlike many other facilities we’ve been to in the past, LPS’s coaching and training started off with education first. They outlined the reasons why for each exercise, and explained to us that this is a plan, not just a program.

We were instructed to work on a lot of fundamental elements first to get assessed on the individual abilities. The LPS team stressed that it is far more important for us be strong and flexible for wrestling first as “Strength is the Mother of All Qualities” before we start taking those elements to build speed, explosiveness, and power.

We ended the session with some sled pulls to work on our vastus medialis oblique (VMO) to strengthen the knee area as an injury-prevention mechanism to prepare them for future sessions.

We’re looking forward to our next session in a weeks time and tracking our progress in this exciting journey for our BTST athletes.

Avison Young Golf For a Cure Tournament

Recently Beat the Streets Toronto was awarded the Avison Young Golf for a Cure grant. The Golf Tournament and presentation was held at the beautiful Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville On. We would like to thank Avison and Young for their Generous Donation. These funds will go towards various Beat the Streets Programs to help children and young people pursue their education while learning strong values from the sport of wrestling.


Partnership with LPS Athletic Centre

Beat the Streets Toronto is very happy and lucky to announce our new partnership with LPS Athletic Centre. LPS is an elite strength & conditioning training facility with exceptional coaches and trainers who build athletes to dominate in sports. Check them out by clicking here. The goal is to offer BTST wrestlers with an opportunity to train with one of the best the country has to offer and learn the fundamental skills to push themselves to the next level. Stay posted on our social media for updates on how our athletes are developing!

About LPS and How BTST Wrestlers will Benefit

LPS is located right in the heart of North York, they developed the Athlete Activation System with 30+ years of research & practical experience that helps athletes & executives maximize and taps into athletic potential by activating higher threshold motor units.

These methodologies in their internationally recognized system are used for the world’s best athletes. So even if you may not be the most talented, or not genetically gifted… as long as you put in the work, then this would help you outperform your competitors.

LPS works with competitive to professional athletes from wrestlers to all other sports such as hockey, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and soccer. BTST wrestlers will be taught the methodologies and concepts to make a truly exceptional wrestler and learn what strength, power, and explosiveness it takes to compete on the international stage.

The video below shows the culture of the gym: