Mirza Bashir Akbar Scholarship

BTST Scholarship Program

This years BTST scholarship was awarded to Dip Lad. Dip started with BTST all the way from its inception back in 2014, where he showed a passion for wrestling.

Through that grit and determination, he was able to bring his marks up and pursue post secondary education as he is taking Sports Management at Humber College and will end up with an Associates Degree. Dip comes from challenging community of Rexdale where many social and economical barriers exist and BTST scholarship program has helped with giving kids an advantage.

We at BTST would also like to Nayu Akbar who donated the money for the scholarship. It is people like Mr.Akbar that help our athletes/students get ahead in life.

A few words from Dip Lad:


I am honoured to have received the Mirza Bashir Akbar Scholarship of $2000.

I would also really love to thank Nayu Akbar for donating the scholarship for me as well as I would also love to thank John Park as well as my coaches for awarding me this scholarship.

It means a lot to me that my coaches picked me for the scholarship with other athletes that they could have picked from the Beat the Streets Toronto Program which has a lot of very talented student/athletes.

It’s gonna really help me pay for tuition and textbooks I’ll need this upcoming semester.

Thank you Nayu Akbar once again. 

Dip Lad

Simi Jayeoba awarded first BTST Mirza Bashir Akbar Scholarship.

In July 2017, thanks to the generosity of former wrestler Nayu Akbar, Beat the Streets Toronto was proud to award Simi Jayeoba the Mirza Bashir Akbar Scholarship for $2000 dedicated after Nayu’s father. 

Simi is an exceptional student and wrestler, who joined Beat the Streets Toronto two and a half years ago.  She attended William Lyon McKenzie Secondary, where she maintained a 94% average.  This September, she was accepted and started attending McMaster University where she is studying life sciences.  She was also elected as first year representative for the science society at McMaster. Go Simi!

This is exactly the kind of person Simi is, she works hard and dedicates herself to achieving her goals.  Even though she had never wrestled before, when Simi joined BTST she went all in, travelling with us to New York and Cornell University for tournaments and attending as many BTST practices as possible.  She’s a great girl with a great future ahead of her, and we are so proud that we got the chance to work with her and connect her with Nayu.  This scholarship will go a long way to help her realize her full potential!