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Wrestle the North Girl's Edition

This years Wrestle the North Event was a Girls only edition and it was held at Nathan Phillips Square once again. This event was special because we were able to share it with the Girls from Beat the Streets New York City! Thank you for travelling all the way to Toronto BTSNY Girls and Coach Josh!

The event showcased our sport to hundreds of people in the audience and made it on the 6pm CBC news. Our sport rarely gets that kind of coverage and is a great way for us to promote our sport. Our girls loved the awesome WTN Wrestling Singlets they received for participating in the event! Look out for them at your local tournaments as I’m sure the Girls will be sporting them often! We’re already planning for next year’s event so make sure you look out for it…

Sports: Ensuring your Daughter’s Success

Just like any parent, you want your children to be successful later on in life. Having your daughter get involved with sports raises her chances of becoming a successful career woman.

EY research reveals that 94% of senior business women holding C-level positions, was actively involved with sports at some point in their life, and over 50% was involved at a university level. This demonstrates the undeniable connection between success in sports and success in business.

To have a successful career, self esteem is incredibly important. Believing in yourself and knowing your value, not only as an individual but also as a part of a company. Sports give girls numerous opportunities to develop high self esteem; when they win a match/game, when they set a goal and achieve it, etc. Girl’s who believe that they can, do.

Your daughter will be healthier and happier. Girls who are involved in sports are less likely to develop osteoporosis and breast cancer later on in life. Your daughter will not only be in better shape but her involvement in sports will reduce stress and help her to feel happier overall. She will create friendships with her teammates and that is a very special bond, also knowing you have a team behind you takes the pressure off and allows you to just have fun.

BTST female students taking center stage at the Wrestle the North “Girl’s Edition” wrestling event at Nathan Phillips Square July 2018.

BTST female students taking center stage at the Wrestle the North “Girl’s Edition” wrestling event at Nathan Phillips Square July 2018.

BTST Wrestle the North "Girl's Edition" on CBC News!

To say we are proud of Simi Jayeoba and our female wrestlers is an understatement.  Thanks to the work of this incredible young lady, CBC news came down to cover the Wrestle the North event yesterday and speak to some of our female wrestlers and Coach Neal Ewers. 

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out the report (from 17:45 to 20:00).  

Great work everyone!