Girl power

The role that I see wrestling playing in my future

Tarleen here!

I see wrestling helping to build me as a person on and off the mats. This sport has instilled honesty, patience, consideration and integrity inside me. I have learned to deal with my losses, and have become a wiser wrestler from the 3 years I have been with Beat the Streets. There are levels to this sport and I have learnt to trust the process, and believe in myself. Wrestling is a fine sport, although it’s time-consuming and with that, I have learned to manage my time to prioritize my homework. I always try to keep in mind “Don’t let wrestling get in the way of your education” – wise words said by a wise man. Although school is important, I’m a good student and get good grades but wrestling is equally as important however its far more unforgiving.



In the future wrestling will take me far in life. I believe I am a promising wrestler and one day I desire to become a Sikh woman Olympic champion and World Champion with my twin sister. I know that sounds cliché, but I am willing to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and do things others aren’t willing to do. Because of Beat the Streets my technique is incomparable to any other girl my age. In the future, I hope to become a pharmacist and because of the lessons I have learnt in wrestling, that should be effortless. I will know how to balance my life, remain calm under pressure and just be an all-around badass, and hard worker. 


This weekend, BTST held it's first ever All Girl practice, lead by coach Gen Morrison at Newtonbrook S.S. in Toronto.  We had a great turn out and the girls demonstrated great work ethic as we spent time breaking down the fundamentals of proper body position, developing good drilling habits and bringing an intentional focus to each practice. We're looking forward to seeing even more girls join us in the coming weeks as we develop our decision making abilities on the mat, learn new drills and techniques to expand our creativity, and elevate each other's game to become smarter, grittier and more focused wrestlers. Go girls go!