Medcan Powerproject: My Experience


What is Medcan?

The Medcan Powerproject is an athletic mentor ship program that helps young athletes across Toronto get specialized training they may not receive in their area.

The Team

My Experience

To put it  short, it’s incredible, it helped me get rid of my dependence on my asthma inhalers and made me a stronger athlete. And when I say “stronger athlete”, I don’t just mean physically stronger,  mentally too. The powerproject is not all about physical training, often they will bring in mental health trainers to help prepare you for future challenges. Now so far, it sounds like your average gym session but glorified. That was my first impression too, but they’ll pull the rug out from under. Never learned the clean and jerk? They got you. Don’t know how to row? They got you. Hungry? They got you. 

What You Do There

Going to Westview, our physical education was going to the gym and doing whatever you want. Occasionally the teacher would correct our form but we never done anything special. Just bicep curls, triceps extensions and such. It’s way different here at Medcan, to be honest, they introduced me to some next level stuff. For strength training, I’m talking Olympic lifts like cleans, jerks and snatches. For conditioning, prowler push, dropping heavy ass balls and the good ol’ agility ladder.

Every week at Medcan was typically split into two sessions, one day for conditioning


and one day for strength training.


You usually start with a ten minute warmup that they teach on the first day that covers every part of the body. Afterwards you hit the main course, which is either conditioning or strength training. Then after an hour of hard grinding, you head to the lounge to grab some food and talk about mental toughness.

Overall, would come again and again.

Left to right. Kerri lynch, David Luu, Olympian Adam Kreek, Laura Rodges

Left to right. Kerri lynch, David Luu, Olympian Adam Kreek, Laura Rodges

Special thanks to Rob, Brent and Kevin

Interested in coming to Medcan? Message their Instagram.

Outdoor Workout Video

Simi Here!

This summer is just starting up and it’s looking to be a hot and beautiful one. So why stay inside of a gym to get all your exercise in? Exercising outside can be a fun an exhilarating change of pace so make sure to try it out at least once this summer. Check out this dynamic and quick workout for a place to start. Have fun!

Dynamic Warm Up

Warm up with any variety of movements to raise your heart rate, get you warm, and stretched out.

Here’s a sample of a warm up:

  • Jumping Jacks

  • High Knees

  • Butt Kicks

  • Arm Circles (small, medium, large) and Arm Stretches

  • Split Stance Reaches (front, middle, back)

Circuit x3

Field X’s

Field Xs.png
  • Create a box in your mind on a field of your choosing

  • Run 3 edges of the box and then diagonally across it

  • Repeat for opposite diagonal

  • 1 2 3 4 2 (blue) 2 1 4 3 1 (red)

Bench Jump Squats

  • 10 reps

  • jump up onto bench in squat position


  • 1 minute

  • Keep your head up and body a straight line

Bench Push Up

  • 10 reps

  • Keep good form (head up, body in a straight line)

Bear Craw Shoulder Touch

  • 10 reps each side (20 touches)

  • Speed is not important, keep your body steady as you do these

Hand Stand

  • 3 hand stand attempts

A Letter to a New University Athlete


For the last 2 years I have had the amazing opportunity to train as a university athlete. However, while still in high school, I saw the transition as daunting. I was recovering from an injury, didn’t know many people who were wrestling in university and I had hardly stepped foot on a campus. Beyond the athletic side of things, I was terrified that the academics would be too overwhelming in and of themselves. All in all, I was racked with doubts and questions. Reflecting on how I must have been feeling this time two years ago, here is what I would have liked to have been told:

Dear You,

First of all, congratulations on all that you have done up until this point. You’re in the final stretch of many years of early mornings and seven hour days and you should be proud of all that you’ve accomplished in that time. I know you’ve got your sights set on what’s next but never forget that you’re doing a good job.

University. It’s easy for something full of so many unknowns to seem scary. Trust me when I say that it’s not as bad as it seems but more than that, trust yourself.

You are perfectly capable of mastering all that is ahead of you. First year is made up of just that, people in their first year who know just as much or less than you do about what this journey has in store. The only way to really get ahead is to believe in yourself. Start actively combating any thought that might be holding you back. Respond to and challenge your negative thoughts with hope and confidence.

From my own experience with university, here is what I’ve realized about the areas in which I was worried I would flounder:


The material is made for someone coming out of high school and with appropriate effort, you will excel. You are more capable than you realize and deserve to be where you are. Stay on top of things and NEVER hesitate to make the most of every resource in place to help you. Do your studying on time and in help centers, ask questions, and be excited when you can be.


I have found that in the right environment, you don’t have to be the fastest, most experienced, or most technical to be a great wrestler. To have a good experience all you need to do is show up and be ready to be coached. Don’t be afraid of being happy to be training where you are! Coaches will appreciate an athlete that is coach-able and carries a good attitude - you do not have to be the best. Even if the environment is not all that it could be, you can change your environment with positivity and character instead of being changed by it. But trust me when I say that regardless of how terrible you might think you are starting out, stick to it and you will admire all that you will do. It’s not over until you give up.


Be yourself and find the joy that you have within you. The more at peace you are with who you are, the more beautiful the people you attract.

So in short, it will all be okay.

With love,