In partnership with the Toronto District School Board, we offer wrestling programs in middle & high schools in underserved areas of the GTA.  We aim to introduce the sport of wrestling to a wide audience, increase physical activity level’s of students, and teach them fundamental wrestling skills that can be used both on and off the mat.  


We create sustainable afterschool wrestling programs in underserved areas that target participation by at-risk youth ages 12 - 15.  Our afterschool wrestling program combines wrestling, gymnastics and martial arts training with cardiovascular training and mentoring to give at-risk youth the social and emotional support they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, make positive choices and find a way to beat the streets.  We also promote a GRIT mentality - which builds discipline, self-esteem and strong work ethics to help them achieve any goals.


We select students from our educational, afterschool and regional programs and match them with carefully vetted mentors who provide academic, athletic and personal guidance on a weekly basis.  The mentorships also promote valuable life skills such as goal setting, self-assessment, time management and building healthy relationships so students have the tools to to realise their full potential. 


We offer students, ages 8-18 in underserved communities, the opportunity to practice in a safe and encouraging environment where they work hard and have fun, learning both technical skills and social skills like teamwork, confidence and discipline.  Our top level coaches are all national or international wrestling champions and serve as great role models to our aspiring athletes.


We build the capacity of schools in underserved areas in the GTA to offer and sustain their own quality wrestling programs by loaning wrestling mats and helping teachers obtain their NCCP through our training clinics.  We aim to build the sport of amateur wrestling in the GTA and increase the number of high school wrestling programs in underserved areas. 



4,000+ students instructed in wrestling through our TDSB Educational Program

21 students in our mentorship program

102 Students in our 4 regional programs in underserved communities

5 High School wrestling programs started in the gta

33 schools instructed in wrestling

92 athletes taken to competitions and clinics across us and Canada

7 wrestling mats purchased and loaned to wrestling programs in gta

6 coaches trained through btst clinics




We focus on underserved communities and work in the following areas:

Rexdale, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York

Our programs include schools in the following 2014 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas: 

Mount Olive - Silverstone - Jamestown, Humbermede, York University Heights, Downsview - Roding - CFB, Oakridge