It's been a blast!

This past summer has been such a time!

This experience working with Beat the Streets Toronto has been so rewarding. I have learnt so much about how social media works and how much of a tool that it can be. 

I have gained confidence in my writing and have further developed my time management skills. I had the opportunity to see some posts do really well and gain a lot of traffic being reposted by wrestlers all over and put out some content that I am really passionate about. 

I was able to learn how to use the website program and other programs to edit and create content. I did not know how to use the programs at first but I can now say that I am comfortable using them.

I had the opportunity to work with some new people and I got to see their writing styles and content ideas. Everyone brought some really great ideas to the table and it was cool to see some really fun and interesting things being written about and posted that are unique to each person. 

I am so glad that I was able to work with Beat the Streets this summer. It sure beats flipping burgers. So a huge thank you to Canada Summer Jobs, Beat the Streets Toronto, and the amazing team that I worked with for such a great summer!