Thank You Beat The Streets Toronto

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Summer 2K19 is coming close to an end, I spent this summer training and working with beat the streets Toronto and I do not regret spending my summer like that. I learned a lot of new skills with this job that will most definitely help me out later in life. If you know me, you would say I am probably the most disorganized person you have ever met. Last year when I did this job I was kind of organized and I won't lie I did feel a little stressed. This year when I got the job I told myself I would be more organized. I stayed on top of my work, I attended most of the meetings and when I missed a meeting I always called my partners to catch up on what I missed. I printed myself a calendar for July and August to stay on track and honestly, this helped me out so much. I know with today's technology we can just write it down on our phones but I a hands-on person and a visual learner. It was the first time I ever tried that and honestly, I will do the same for my upcoming school year. The calendar helped me because I would write down when I had to post or when I had a meeting and so on. 

I want to thank Canada summer jobs and Beat the Streets Toronto for giving me this opportunity. I feel like my writing skills have improved, I learned how to stay on top of work instead of letting everything pile up and I can say that I have gained confidence in my writing. I had fun working with Coach neal, Jessica, Deja, Brea, David, Simi, and Kesia. I got to know them a little bit more and I'm glad I got the chance to work with them. Now that I am done, off I got to…….man I don't know what to do with all this free time now. Enjoy our context guys and we will see you all in September at the BTST beach wrestling event.